install viber on windows pc or laptop and start free communications
install whatsapp on your pc
install android apps on your pc
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viber pc windows 8
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Call your friends without network connections using FireChat
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Very important thing for you is to understand what is disk fragmentation and defragmentation:

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increase performance in windows 8:

Show how to find MAC address (Physical address) in Windows 8 or windows 7

Show how to find the MAC address in Linux CentOS using the GUI or the command line

show how to change the Hostname in CentOS Linux by modifying the file /etc/sysconfig/network

Learn how to turn on shadow copy in windows server 2008

Show how to increase download speed in IDM

Enable telnet in windows 8 or windows 7:

Show how to upload files to a remote server using remote desktop:

Show how to connect virtualbox network interface to GNS3 network interface:


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